DRC: the startup Schoolap buys the shares sold by the company Flash International

After receiving financing of $500,000 in a convertible loan from Flash in 2020, the Congolese startup Schoolap managed to repay all the capital raised with surplus and to recover its shares sold to Flash.

The announcement is made by Pascal Kanik, co-founder and Managing Director of Schoolap, through a post on the social network LinkedIn this Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

This is a historic operation for the DRC’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. Two years after working hard, the founders of Schoolap, Pascal Kanik and Guy Leta, have succeeded in securing a refund with a surplus for Flash. This operation allowed them to recover all of the capital and restructure the company in order to better project itself internationally.

In an exclusive to our media, CONGO NUMERIQUE, Pascal Kanik says he is proud to have streamlined Schoolap’s shareholding structure and to be able to focus on the company’s next phase of growth. Schoolap remains dedicated to its mission to educate a greater number of Congolese students with quality content, certified diplomas by deploying an innovative technological solution and international standards. He adds: “we would like to emphasize that we remain open to partnerships because none of this would have been possible without our current partners. »

Working session – Schoolap team

“Scolap is one of the flagship Congolese technology companies that have demonstrated competence, professionalism and product-market consistency in a still fragile ecosystem,” says Sidonie Latere, founder of Kobo Hub.

Hannah Subayi Kamuanga, co-founder of DRC Impact Angels, adds: « Most importantly, this brilliantly executed shareholder buyout operation by Schoolap is further proof of the levels of operational performance, profitability and exceptional growth that can be achieved in DRC”.

It should be remembered that before this Exit of Flash in Schoolap, the startup signed in 2019 the Exit of Sycomore (Ingenious City). These operations demonstrate flagrant proof of the financial health of this Congolese start-up that has become international.


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